Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alfredo getting ready for the 2016 United States Nationals

One of the greatest cross board players the ICF has ever produced, Alfredo Mercado, has confirmed that he will be able to come out to Branson, MO in late July. Will he be able to close the gap against the top grandmasters in the next five month? Fredo will be the greatest ICF player ever to compete in a ACF event. I have given Alfredo the latest versions of my databases to help him prepare. A lot of new analysis, corrections and findings has been added to the databases. 

Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer of the University of Alberta and world champion Sergio Scarpetta has been helpful in generating the latest databases. Russian mafia member Alex "fawz" Krasavica also contributed by sending overnight to me the 250 gb 10 piece database, he respects my skills so much as I crushed his brother Erik, a Moscow champion, strip club owner and GMI from the former Soviet Union. And of course this would not be possible without Russian programmer Alexander Svirin who implemented the import function for me in 2007.

Database screen shot:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why Alfredo Mercado is the current undisputed world champion

Alfredo Mercado is the current undisputed overall world champion, recognized by the Internet checkers federation. He obtained this title by defeating the offline world champion Alex Moiseyev 3-0-1 on October 24th. Cain Velasquez also defeated Brock Lesnar by TKO in the first round the same day to become the new MMA heavyweight world champion.

Why Fredo is the overall world 3 move champion recognized by the Internet checkers federation:

3-0 over Alex Mosieyev (offline world 3 move champion)
13-3 over Q
13-2 over Chee (current second best in 1/0 in kurnik)
21-12 over Sergio (second strongest Italian behind Borghetti)
12-6 over Clint Olsen
14-8 over Jolt
5-1 over William Docherty (grandmaster)

top masters Ray and the warrior Max has refused to challenge the title

World 3 move ranking:

1. Alfredo Mercado - USA (Mexican American)
2. Alex Mosieyev - USA (Russian American)
3. Michele Borghetti -Italy
4. Ron King - Barbados
5. the warrior Max - United Kingdom
6. Keith "Jolt" Hong - USA (Chinese American)
7. Sergio Scarpetta - Italy
8. Ray - USA

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Official ICF titles

World Champion/International Grandmaster level:
Adam Johnson aka the warrior Max, Matteo Bernini, Miki Borghetti, Alex Mosieyev, Sergio Scarpetta, Lubabalo Kondlo, Ron King

Grandmaster (not in order):
Fredo, Clayton Nash, Shane Mccosker, Jay, Ray, Keith Hong aka Jolt, Chris, Dale

International Master (not in order):
Clint Olsen, Daniel, Xeno, Qijch, Maganagi, Chee, Juan, Midnight, Luis, Joe, Skinny, James, Darion, Dan, Kevin, Cesare, Claudio, Asseio, John Webster

Master (not in order):
Lorne, Arnold, Ryan Pronk, Yupie, Steve, Rapor, Zeeshan, Jumpshan, Tom aka Eric Strange, Shane Webb, Brodie, Jecht, Rishi, Vad, Camron, Dre, Couch, Nick Pell, Pete, Michael Holmes

Majors (not in order):
Alvaro, Alex Holmes, Fakehand, Sasuke, Nick Addante, Juanito, Cesar, Drip, Alex Weaver, Young G, Playboy, Zag, Tutan, Celia, wildman, Devon, Jesse, Monica, Drake, Jaburu, Josh Armstrong, Nathan Gogo, Mikemx, Brandon, Lee, Spencer, Gil, diamondman, kodak, Adrian, Gian, Tomy, Alex Lopez, Ernie, Scotty, roach, Jerr, prettyboy

Minors (not in order):
Dak, rayban, coon, Karla, acbond, jumper, modsquad, ape, Corey, beavis, sina, Ulises, regio, Kike, Calco, Tiane, Kim Willis, abbadi, bigrudejake, Gabriel, tsunami

Should Chee "The Investigator" Xiong be allowed to just investigate anyone?