Friday, April 8, 2016

Upcoming events

Italian president Sergio Mattarella congratulating world and Olympiad champion Michele Borghetti on his successful 2015 title defense against the challenger Lubabulo Kondlo of South Africa.

The three move world qualifier will be held on June 9-12th in Rome, Italy. This will be tightly contested by at least five world champion level competitors for the right to challenge Borghetti in 2017. The United States 3 move Nationals will be held July 27-30 in Branson, MO. Prize is currently $15,025 plus a couple thousand for the master's division from the Gene Lindsey fund.

The following ICF representatives are expected to be attending the United States Nationals: myself, Alfredo Mercado, Eric Strange and Lorne Wells. 

Here is also a blog by the Japanese with references to some of my old rankings if you have not seen it yet:

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