Thursday, August 13, 2015

the Chee Social Science Department's analysis of five women recently dealt with, what the experts think

Analysis of five women by the Jeff Social Science Department:

Girl #1: Eye

Status: troll zone, hates me now after I gave her a real reason to hate

Thoughts: This was a girl that reached out to us, is a friendly and flirty girl. She's loud, crazy, wild, outgoing, loves to gamble and sing. Very hot and cold and also a lot of up and downs. Loves to play games (like many girls). Like most girls, she loves attention. Is a heavy drinker (like other Connecticut Hmong girls I know of) and probably has smoked weed. Likes cool men with tattoos and earrings. I sense that she has some things going on in her life and hope that she is doing okay, I want her to be safe and happy, whatever she is doing now or whoever she is with. I like to stay cool and professional in fear of dramas but was pressured to take the number in case she was for real. If for real then she has mistaken my anxiety disorder for a crush so I may have hurt her feelings and she holds a grudge. That makes me feel bad so I still think about her from time to time. I'm glad she went on and found love though. Trolled and got her and her boy good, they were very pissed lol.

Energy vibe: Liberal/non-traditionalist. Extro-introvert. Very energetic but can be very down. Happy sometimes, sad sometimes. Holds grudges and generally more on the negative side which prevents her from reaching her full potential. Shamanic and Christian upbringing. Some college.

Criticisms: If she's going to cry wolf then she needs better boundaries, she's been in trouble several times for being way too close. And of course don't try to play games with me, I have a very good troll game.

Girl #2: Monica

Status: friend zoneclose friend, technical adviser, ex-college classmate (University of Minnesota)

Thoughts: Intelligent and strong aggressive personality but very arrogant and untrustworthy. Annoying as fuck, has a lot of issues and anger problems. Very stubborn and unwilling to make compromises or changes in her life. Whenever she text you, it's almost always bad news. It's suspicious that she's always broke with a 67 k job. She was a daughter in law of recently deceased Flip Saunders of the Minnesota Timberwolves and is currently employed in IT as a network engineer in Olmsted County.

Energy vibe: Conservative. ExtrovertSomewhat energetic, kind of polarizing. Lots of dramas and sob stories. Christian upbringing. BS, University of Minnesota (computer science).

Criticisms: Needs to control her sociopathic and nasty attitude. She's a psycho, she's in serious trouble trying to steal money from me and then playing games.

Girl #3: Amy
Status: friend zone

Thoughts: She's a playful and cool Vietnamese girl. I facebook message and text with her once in a while. Worked at same place Eye did but this was before Eye's time, Eye only met me much later but doesn't know that. Ran into her at Walmart, getting married later this year.

Energy vibe: Liberal. Intro-extrovert. Somewhat laid back. Neutral, lending towards positive. Buddhist upbringing. BA, University of Minnesota.

Girl #4: Maria
Status: troll zone, Spanish translator

Thoughts: Very sensitive, emotional and annoying as fuck, I like to piss her off. She'll be mad for a few months then be happy again. She's always wanting to know what I really think of her. Knows a lot about alcohol, narcotics and Cancun. Is a freak when she's drunk. Like most women, she seeks attention and is very insecure although very cocky too. She thinks she's hot and can play games with people or get whatever she wants, I guess it works with most but not with me. Hates how I can see everything including facebook even when I'm blocked, that's why they call me "the investigator". Calls me a "metiche", Spanish for someone who is nosy. She wasn't going to give me any more pictures but I trolled her for this one. She was very happy to hear that I avoided jail time.

Energy vibe: Conservative. Extro-introvert. Somewhat energetic. Somewhat negative, big drama queen. Catholic upbringing. Some college, Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Criticisms: She's always asking for respect but if you don't give respect, you don't get respect and you get put in the troll zone like Eye.
Girl# 5: Mai

Status: friend zone, wing girl

Thoughts: She's a pretty girl and super cool, I have a lot of respect for her. She loves going out to eat good food. Very positive and friendly. There is not a lot of Hmong girls with her charisma and charm. She wanted a hug from me for caring about her. Even if she wanted to date me I wouldn't date her, I have other plans for her. Has great value as a friend/wing girl and I'm going to have to find a girl to go out with soon just so I can have Mai intimidate her to see the reaction lol.

Energy vibe: Liberal. I'll say an intro-extrovert. Somewhat energetic. She's very positive for the most part although has her up and downs like the rest of us. BA in progress, University of Minnesota.

Criticisms: Needs to eat more and gain some weight. Too skinny is not always good.
©2015, Chee Social Science Department

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vitamin B6 implicated

An engineer and one of my biochemical advisor has determined that there is a problem along the metabolic pathway of dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, GABA and gluatamate involving vitamin B6 and possibly enzyme deficiencies. Further testings and analysis are in order.

A high protein/low carb diet, weight training, reducing body fat % and taking creatine will raise dihydrotestosterone hormone levels. Dopamine down regulation is also an issue and that is as hard to beat as a drug addiction.
©2015, Chee Biochemical Science Department

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lorne Wells promoted by the ICF

The ICF has formally promoted Lorne Wells to 1st degree black belt, Grandmaster Lubabalo Kondlo also has been given the red belt recognition by the ICF. 

First of all,  we want to thank Mr.Wells for representing the ICF in the national American freestyle tournament and congratulations on your submission victory over Alex Weaver. Mr.Weaver was the arch rival of my top female student, Celia Puente who was no joke on the mat.

Should Chee "The Investigator" Xiong be allowed to just investigate anyone?