Sunday, August 31, 2014

Old drawings from the last decade

I drew this while working with the park board back in the summer of 2001. Alfredo commented that my style is simple but effective enough.
This is probably one of my first flower drawings ever and one of the last. It was from a branch off the backyard back in the spring of 2002. When the legendary Chia Lee visited our class, one of the girls said Chee you're good and I really liked your cherry flower drawing but the master Chia is here. Chia brought in portfolios with like 30-40 professionally done drawings. Guy was just so good, made my drawings look like garbage next to them.
This was one of the three drawings we had to do for art class to go along with the ceramics. Also from the spring of 2002 during the time I was in art class with Lee "hitman" Yang under the direction of TA Ms.Place. The master Sao Thao did this drawing and I just shaded it. Ms.Place was impressed lol, hoped I continue drawing.
This was the 2003-04 color pencil shading style that I started using. Another more technical rose and a few non-girly drawings using the same style are lost. I think this was my last drawing, I have not drawn since 2004 and was never a serious artist. My training consisted of drawing on the edge of my paper when I'm bored in class in elementary school. The girls in my art class in 2003 were impressed and wanted me to draw for them lol.
I got these early drawings of legendary Chia Lee from my sister that were drawn in 1999. He was still developing at that time and would go on to become one of the greatest artist that Edison high school has ever produced. Unfortunately I do not have any of his later drawings. When I drove him home last summer from the soccer tournament and saw his few current drawings, he seemed rusty. He had sold all of his 2002 drawings so I didn't get to take a look at them again.

Ink drawings of animals, flowers and couples cuddling were the favorite drawings of Chia. His drawing of a pelican eating some fish was very very technical.

I would say that I am definitely a lot better than the Chia Lee of 1999. In 2002 when he visited us in art class, none of my drawings can come even close to his level. I am probably a little bit better in color pencil shading but overall not even close.

Should Chee "The Investigator" Xiong be allowed to just investigate anyone?