Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Questions and Answers with Chee

Questions and Answers with Chee about playok:

1. Q. Sasuke said that if he played the game for ten years, his game will be perfect and he will beat most of the players today including the greats such as Darion "the game", what is your opinion?

A. Assuming he has the same heart and talent as me, he will still find it difficult to defeat Darion 5 years from now. Many players today are not at a level where they can appreciate the skills of someone like "the game". When Mark and I were younger we thought the same thing, but as we became top players we start to understand. Not everyone who has been playing for 10 years would be a great player. It is also harder to improve as you get better especially if you're not playing against top competition all the time, this is call diminishing returns. See: http://aoxomoxoa-wondering.blogspot.com/2012/04/plateauing-and-diminishing-returns-in.html

2. Q. Alvaro alleged to authorities that Sasuke was progging on the nick vitocorleone4, what is your ruling on this? (screen shot by Alvaro below)

A. After an investigation by Max and myself, it was determined that vitocorleone4 is not Sasuke (no es Sasuke). While it's weird that vitocorleone4 spoke Spanish to Alvaro after Alvaro booted Sasuke, the evidence led us to believe that vitocorleone4 is the Pat Tucci prog (Pat speaks English, Italian and Spanish). The lassie line matches those of Pat and vitocorleone4 only called Alvaro a maricon, he did not mention anything about getting booted as alleged by Alvaro to Nick. See octopus1 x ipr0itmaster.

3. Q. What do you think of Sasuke? It seems like he has been making big improvements in gayp, is he a brown belt now?

A. Sasuke has definitely been improving. It was only a few months ago when Juanit0 and Alvaro were beating him bad and now the tide has turned. Juanit0 and Alvaro claim that he has been lagging them bad and that is part of the problem why they are struggling. From a technical standpoint however, I can say that Sasuke has for sure gotten better. Is he this phenom world beater? No, far from it. Also, I do not think he meets the standards to be promoted to brown belt yet. Darion "the game" agrees with this assessment. He will need to improve his crossboard and obtain better results against high level players for the brown belt.

4. Q. Authorities told us that the Mexicans wants to see Sasuke face you Chee, what do you think of this match? How do you see it going down?

A. I am aware that Sasuke has been a terror in the Mexican and Latino community recently and many Mexicans, both men and women wants to see Sasuke test himself against me. Some want to see Sasuke go down and others hope Sasuke can overcome me. I think it will go much like our last match, he will lose similarly at this point. In fact I am not interested in a match with Sasuke right now. If Sasuke can defeat Tom, I will consider a match with him when and if I return to the game. Right now it is 8-2, 9-8 and 10-3 in favor of Tom, the fat weedman. Someone e-mailed the story below to me, this guy must not like Sasuke lol.
5. Q. Who are the greatest Latin players in history? How does the current Latin players stack up?

A. I already tried to answer this question before but will do it again. I don't think the historical Clarence Freeman counts because he was full blooded Native American and I have never met this "Smith" that Cesar talks of or Karlita's father who she said can beat me, so I will not include those guys. The best Latin players in history as the evidence presents it is as follow:

1. Fredo 2. Ray 3. Jay 4. Juan 5. Luis 6. Mag 7. Pete 8. Arnold.... (after 8th place, I'm including only current active players)

gayp: 9. Sasuke 10. Cesar 11. Juanit0 12. Alvaro 13. Jaburu 14. Adrian 
3 move: 9. Cesar 10. Alvaro 11. Jaburu 12. Juanit0 13. Sasuke 14. Adrian (after a consideration of Adrian's overall results we decided not to promote him yet)

6. Q. We heard you're going to start training Cesar, is that true?

A. Cesar has dedicated his life to the game. Besides his controversial games with Q and occasional fights with me, he seems to follow a code of honor. I gave him my most advanced 3 move database, lets see what he can do with it. Cesar has this to say about the database, "I like your abilities to investigating things".

There's a lot to do, going to be busy. Will see you guys in mid March in playok or you can MSN, facebook or e-mail me. Peace out.

Should Chee "The Investigator" Xiong be allowed to just investigate anyone?