Thursday, February 2, 2012

The World Internet Checkers Champion's first book

Current ICF World Champion Adam "The warrior Max" Johnson just published his first book, titled "Seventh". This book is over 400 pages and includes some of the highest level matches ever played in kurnik with some of the world's strongest opposition.

- Includes over 200 games played against the ACF World Champion Alexander "The Russian bear" Moiseyev and 100 games played against the world contender Michele Borghetti.

- Thousands of games between Max and the second best ICF champion ever, the legendary Fredo. This book includes over nine of their best matches in long timer.

- Hundreds of games with legends like Quentin "the beast", Jayzilla, Ray, Jolt and Sergio. All together, 2,188 games!

The warrior Max was generous enough to give you this book all for free:

Also put together my second DJVU book:
Download link:

You need WinDjview:

I also reuploaded Vladimir Kaplan's draughts opening book:

Today will be my last day on kurnik for a while, need some time off. Have been playing too much this summer. Went 237-262-192 vs the warrior Max in gayp this summer in eleven series. Also Fredo wants me to not forget to mention that he became the kurnik 1/1 champion by defeating Jolt in a brutal 18-10 series. Jolt is currently in training, studying Alex Moseiyev's book Sixth and several other books and is expected to face the dark horse Sergio and the warrior Max in November on his way back to a title shot vs Fredo. Ray declined to challenge for Fredo's title.

Should Chee "The Investigator" Xiong be allowed to just investigate anyone?