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Upcoming events

Italian president Sergio Mattarella congratulating world and Olympiad champion Michele Borghetti on his successful 2015 title defense against the challenger Lubabulo Kondlo of South Africa.

The three move world qualifier will be held on June 9-12th in Rome, Italy. This will be tightly contested by at least five world champion level competitors for the right to challenge Borghetti in 2017. The United States 3 move Nationals will be held July 27-30 in Branson, MO. Prize is currently $15,025 plus a couple thousand for the master's division from the Gene Lindsey fund.

The following ICF representatives are expected to be attending the United States Nationals: myself, Alfredo Mercado, Eric Strange and Lorne Wells. 

Here is also a blog by the Japanese with references to some of my old rankings if you have not seen it yet:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2012 World ICF Ranking (repost)

1. The warrior Max aka Adam Johnson - the strongest player in the history of the ICF, has defeated numerous world class opponents including world champions, world contenders and grandmasters.
2. Alex "the Russian bear" Mosieyev - World and Olympiad champion, has not been seen since Jay beat him in a position out of his own book, "the fugitive king" (see image above).
3. Michele Borghetti - his smart choice in choosing kurnik for his future training will help him greatly once he focus 100% on American checkers.
4. Sergio Scarpetta - recently earned the respect of offline players world wide by winning the 2011 freestyle world qualifer, Mosieyev has now officially admitted in public that the best kurnik players can compete at the world level.
5. Jay - he came back from years of absence and was able to dominate again, Jay was a former world online checkers champion but now the competition has became stiffer.
6. Jolt aka Keith Hong - the American born Chinese master has proven time and again his high level. In recent times, the Thailand born American naturalized Chee was able to win the world Asian checkers champion title from him but he remains undoubtedly the best Asian player in the world.
7. Alfredo Mercado - the legendary Fredo lost his warrior spirit in his 2011 battles with Jolt and seems to be in a depression, has not been playing like a madman like he use to.
8. Ray - still avoiding top competition but is still one of the best, he convincingly defeated the Italian grandmaster Sergio recently.
9. Chee "the investigator" Xiong - is the current world 1/0 freestyle champion by defeating Fredo 24-20, though Darion aka the game still plays here and there he is currently retired from serious play.
10. Matteo Bernini - he is a future legend.
11. Qijch - out of practice
12. Xeno
13. James
14. Eric Strange
15. Stevo
16. Skinny - he is doing the best he's done in years, recently defeating the game, James and Jolt but lost to Eric Strange and Chee.

Inactive or retired players: Dan (made a failed attempt at coming back and gave up), Midnight, Juan, Mag, Kevin, Daniel, Camron, Darion, Luis, Dale, Pete, Chris...etc.

Only players proven to be capable of playing at a similar enough level in 1/0 are included. Some players can play very good in long timer but in 1/0 their skill is worse than coon's, Jon Mcdonald for example. 1/0 is one of the best ways to prevent people from being able to use performance enhancing aids (programs, databases, books etc.)

Also want to give a shout out to the legendary coon, probably the worse competitive player to have ever played. He once lost a 4 vs 3 position to me in long timer. Coon went on to live with his father in the moutains.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chee's 1/0 Kurnik Ranking (2009)

Interesting reference to Young G vs Nick Addante (recent picture of young G below). Original post date:  August 2009
Note for non players: In our terminology, rape = beating someone by skill, whore = beating someone by time... not sure who came up with them lol

1/0 Ranking (overall for gayp and 3 move) for recently active players - guys like Ray, Sergio and wildman are not ranked because they don't play 1/0

Heavyweight division:

5/5 Fredo - unstoppable at the moment in 1/0 especially 3 move, the last person to beat him in any kind of 1/0 series is Juan I believe. If only Jay would come back.
5/5 Juan - retired midnight, destroyed kevin (in gayp), mag (about even in 3 move), xeno and Chee in 1/0 gayp. Gives Fredo a run for his money. Juan is not as good in 3 move as he use to be anymore (as evidenced by losing to Max, losing narrowly to Mag and barely beating Chee 6-5-10 in 3 move...Juan once was able to beat Max, Jay and Daniel in 1/0 3 move and even beating Fredo some days). Can beat just about anyone in 1/0 other than Fredo.
4.5/5 Jolt - there was a time when jolt used to be better and faster in 1/0 but some of the light heavy wieghts has given him trouble in recent times. In long timers he is ranked at the top with the likes of Fredo, Ray and Jay but this is 1/0.
5/5 Darion - AKA the game, the game is very fast and dangerous. Looks like the game might come back, the game X Kevin in 1/0 3 move is expected to go down soon.
4.5/5 the warrior Max - he is not too consistent, sometimes he would kill light heavyweight players like Mag, Kevin, Chee but other times doesn't do as well. He can hang with the heavyweights such as the game and Juan in 1/0 more consistently than players in the light heavyweight division althought midnight seems to do well vs Fredo and Jay in 1/0 gayp.

Light heavyweight division:

5/5 midnight - midnight has improved a bit from 2007, it would be interesting to see him against Mike Couch who was a little faster and better than midnight in 2007
5/5 Daniel "Maganagi" - definitely the most improved player of the year, myself and Juan thought he was progging on and off at first because when we came back from draughts Mag jumped from 1400 to 1600+ and this was about the same time Saddam released Daileon. But all evidence points towards the possiblity that he really did studied hard, maybe after I showed him how to copy and paste games from Lee's guide onto checkerboard. A lot of guys are still in denial (a Brazilian is now better than them) and think Mag is an invention of Juan and Chee. Mag is extemely fast, as fast as Juan or even faster. Does pretty good vs Juan, Kevin, Chee, Chris, midnight, Max sometimes, raped Pete... seems to have problems vs Xeno, Darion, Jolt.
5/5 Kevin - Kevin has been very impressive lately, going back and forth vs the warrior Max, beating xeno more than he loss and destroyed chee in the most recent 1/0 series. While still not as good as Max overall, Kevin seems to have gotten a lot better than he ever was. Beating Q in two long timer series and recently dominated Camron. He can probably take midnight right now but unfortunately he might go back to jail soon and midnight is still retired from the Juan beat downs.
4/5 Chee
4/5 Xeno - I think he used to be a bit better
3/5 Qich - Q is not that bad in 1/0, he just have to play it more often
2.5/5 Swuss - seems to do well vs some like the game but not too well vs some such as Chee
3/5 James - supposed to be the man back then in 1/0 and seems to be improving since he started playing more, he'll probably be another modern day Camron
4/5 Chris - does good vs jolt, sometimes Max, Chee, Juan etc. but loses to Mag and midnight
2/5 Skinny - used to be one of the best but never was able to get it back
4/5 Rapor - he is pretty good and fast but should really start to play. Based on his past games vs xeno, Chee and Mag he is around the same level as those players more or less
4/5 Camron
4/5 Pete - if he stop being a pussy he could be a pretty good player. Used to do well vs Q, Chee (still does sometimes but he loses more often then wins), Daniel (lsd_infliction) back in the days
3/5 Brandon - an undercover investigation revealed that barrybugs is his secret practicing name
2.5/5 Josh - Josh is getting better since starting to play more again. He defeated my boy Mag 18-17 recently and seems to be doing good vs some light heavies, all around though Josh and Brandon still struggles vs some lower ranked players but are doing well against some top ranked players
2/5 Dan - division: light heavyweight - Dan is back but isn't really good at the moment
3.5/5 Alan - Alan and his little brother Arnold shares nicks so it's hard to know which one is which but I think it is actually Alan that has been playing good vs myself, xeno, kevin, midnight and mag.
3/5 Tom

Middleweight division:

4/5 vadim - his gayp is still good but he's bad 3 move but he hasn't really played in a long time
5/5 Gil - I beat him 35-10 when he first came back but only beat him 19-14 more recently, he is catching up to Alan. He recently went 0-2-8 vs Mag so I would say he's getting some rust off.
4/5 Arnold - I confuse him and his brother Alan because they share nicks and don't have much personality or English skills
5/5 juanito - juanito aka Juan junior, gave xeno all he can handle in gayp. The problem with him is he gets figured out after a while, just need to work on his crossboard I suppose.
3/5 cesar - doesn't really play 1/0 that much because he isn't fast, can take some of the fellow Mexicans like juanito and Gil in longer timer. If he played more often against good compeition he could move up in the rankings. He seems pretty skilled but not proven in 1/0
3/5 devon - use to be much better, now he lose to a lot of middleweights and even lightweights.
3/5 kodak
4/5 Young G - claims to me that he will not be running everytime he gets the first win anymore
3/5 theendoftheworld

Lightweight division:
2/5 coon - has replaced old school guys like optimus prime and tony355
2/5 himhim - himhim has been bumped to 2/5 for going even vs Nick in a series I was watching, himhim is finally improving a bit - arguably the fastest in kurnik today
3/5 nick - nick has been training with rapor and is pretty fast but his crossboard is same level as coon. Young G defeated Nick by a brutal 15-6-4 TKO today in an un-rated 1/0 gayp match witnessed by many. He has moved down one notch.
2/5 Dak
3/5 cactus
4/5 prd - super fast but sucks
4/5 zag
4/5 tutan
4/5 jaburu
4/5 playboy - use to be better I think but still decent, should be in the middleweight division but because of his current performance against other Brazilians he has to be in the lightweight division
4/5 como vc - could be the next Mag if he played more often, he was much better last fall, como vc also should be in the middleweight division but like playboy he has not played much and cannot be in the middleweight division because of current performance
2/5 tomy - with rapor's comment, I have reconsidered tomy's 1/0 ability. Technically Tomy is a pretty good middle weight in skill but his problem is his speed. He moves really slow and gets whored easily.


Retired players:
5/5 Jay - division: heavyweight - the last time he was active on kurnik he beat up Chee, midnight, doubled Max and went almost even vs Fredo. Was afraid of Darion's speed though.
5/5 Daniel - division: heavyweight
5/5 Couch - division: light heavyweight - probably the fastest player in kurnik history - was a faster and better version of 2007 midnight but midnight has improved a bit since, narrowly loss to Juan, got doubled by Daniel though but Daniel is a great player.
4/5 Rishi - division: light heavyweight - does very good vs Darion sometimes but overall he is around the level of a 4/5 player in the light heavyweight division
5/5 Luis - division: light heavyweight - when he played, he had Max's number
5/5 Dale - division: heavyweight - never saw him played 1/0 but I'll take Fredo's word that he's good
4/5 Lee - division: light heavyweight
4/5 Jecht - division: light heavyweight
5/5 Mikemx - division: middleweight
1/5 tony355 - division: lightweight
5/5 Zee - division: light heavy weight- retired permanently to specialize in draughts and has given several master and grandmaster players trouble in 1/0 timer
4/5 Spencer - division: light heavy weight
5/5 Jesse - division: middle weight
4/5 Monica - division: middle weight

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alfredo getting ready for the 2016 United States Nationals

One of the greatest cross board players the ICF has ever produced, Alfredo Mercado, has confirmed that he will be able to come out to Branson, MO in late July. Will he be able to close the gap against the top grandmasters in the next five month? Fredo will be the greatest ICF player ever to compete in a ACF event. I have given Alfredo the latest versions of my databases to help him prepare. A lot of new analysis, corrections and findings has been added to the databases. 

Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer of the University of Alberta and world champion Sergio Scarpetta has been helpful in generating the latest databases. Russian mafia member Alex "fawz" Krasavica also contributed by sending overnight to me the 250 gb 10 piece database, he respects my skills so much as I crushed his brother Erik, a Moscow champion, strip club owner and GMI from the former Soviet Union. And of course this would not be possible without Russian programmer Alexander Svirin who implemented the import function for me in 2007.

Database screen shot:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why Alfredo Mercado is the current undisputed world champion

Alfredo Mercado is the current undisputed overall world champion, recognized by the Internet checkers federation. He obtained this title by defeating the offline world champion Alex Moiseyev 3-0-1 on October 24th. Cain Velasquez also defeated Brock Lesnar by TKO in the first round the same day to become the new MMA heavyweight world champion.

Why Fredo is the overall world 3 move champion recognized by the Internet checkers federation:

3-0 over Alex Mosieyev (offline world 3 move champion)
13-3 over Q
13-2 over Chee (current second best in 1/0 in kurnik)
21-12 over Sergio (second strongest Italian behind Borghetti)
12-6 over Clint Olsen
14-8 over Jolt
5-1 over William Docherty (grandmaster)

top masters Ray and the warrior Max has refused to challenge the title

World 3 move ranking:

1. Alfredo Mercado - USA (Mexican American)
2. Alex Mosieyev - USA (Russian American)
3. Michele Borghetti -Italy
4. Ron King - Barbados
5. the warrior Max - United Kingdom
6. Keith "Jolt" Hong - USA (Chinese American)
7. Sergio Scarpetta - Italy
8. Ray - USA

Should Chee "The Investigator" Xiong be allowed to just investigate anyone?